Become a successful language learner!

 It comes as no surprise: there is no miracle method to learn a new language.


The secret is that you should learn a foreign language like a SKILL (something you do, similar to playing a musical instrument or riding a bike) rather than a SCHOOL SUBJECT (something you know, such as History or Maths).


You need to be:


PATIENT (learning languages cannot be rushed),

COMMITTED (make it a part of your life),

CONFIDENT (you can do it!)

and RELAX! (making mistakes is natural and helps you learn)


During this proces, your intrinsic motivation goes hand in hand with an engaging learning environment provided by your  experienced teacher in form of enjoyable, creative and challenging activities. 

This article  based on the research into the connectivity between the adult brain and success in second language learning explains why we struggle when learning a new language.


It also offers 6 tips to make it easier:


1. Know yourself and your goals

in order to focus on what is important to you.

2. Find child-like joy

through fun approaches to learning languages.

3. Two for one

- learn a new language that is relatively similar to those you already know.

4. Motivate yourself

with learning rituals or lovely objects.

5. Get surrounded

with the new language input wherever you are and whatever you do.

6. Realize that it's messy

- admit that you are not perfect and enjoy new opportunities to improve without fear of mistakes.

In this inspiring video, Mr Duncan talks about why and how of learning English successfully.