Active English: INFLATIONARY LANGUAGE by Victor Borge


Victor Borge's 'Inflationary Language' offers another great occasion to bring humour into the classroom.


Most entertaining way ever to introduce homophones and language play. 


A tribute to his remarkable language skills.




Victor Borge's inflationary language skit.


So inspiring for learners of English -

'The Clown Prince of Denmark'

didn't speak a word in English

when he fled German-occupied Denmark to America! 





This kind of activity can be challenging for language learners but is a must in the language classroom. Humour and language play through their different forms (narratives, puns, riddles):

* encourage interaction and social activity

* contribute to stress relief and relaxation

* show students different ways of using the language

* promote creative understanding by helping learners consider different forms and meaning of words

* provide practice in negotiating meaning (changing what was said to help understanding)

* improve retention of new information 

* bring a sense of pleasure and create a positive and shared emotional experience