Learning a language is like ... crossing an ocean ....


... because you have to be brave to venture into a new, virgin territory, but if you do, exotic experiences await you!






Trying to answer this question on the occasion of the European Day of Languages (26/9), we got inspired by the suggestions from the participants at the LinguaMania event organized by Creative Multilingualism below.


Our try: learning a foreign language is like growing a garden - you have to be patient and committed a little every day to enjoy the fruit of your labour.


Learning a new language is definitely a life-changing experience. As these lovely metaphors put it, it takes time, dedication and motivation, but it's worth it. It would be a pity to give up after some initial struggling or not try at all. 

And learning an additional language is actually good for you - it's practical, beneficial for brain health, interesting and can lead to new opportunities in your life.



that some twins have their special language

only they can understand? It's called 'cryptophasia'. 


These twin baby brothers might be simply mimicking some adults' conversations, giving us a great occasion to get creative again and imagine what they are talking about. It sounds like their language consists just of a few words, but they can use them in a highly efficient way to express all they need to - while being great communicators!

Photos © Pixabay