Cook-Speak-Learn with Mira: SUMMER TEA PARTY

Summer is the ideal time to throw a tea party in your garden and enjoy the weather, good friends and great tea.


Organizing a summer tea party is also an excellent opportunity for students of all ages to live, breathe and taste their English while waiting for our classes to resume in September. In our latest holiday workshop, we paid special attention to choosing the best-suited recipes for our summer tea party, and I'm so proud to share the results with you. I hope you'll appreciate our personal touch - my students are TEARRIFIC ! 



 But first, let's broaden your tea horizons.


Did you know that iced tea, as well as tea bags, were invented in America?

And do you know what the art of reading tea leaves is called?


Well, by this point you must be curious  about what was served at our summer tea party.

Here's the answer:


We started with two kinds of tea sandwiches: cucumber, mint and dill ones with white bread and cream cheese and tomato and basil ones with brown bread and vinaigrette. It's hard to decide which variety we preferred as both combinations tasted amazing.  A (just-the-right-dose) sweet touch was added by our summery take on the traditional English trifle with petit beurre biscuits, whipped crème fraiche and sliced peaches.  All accompanied with iced earl grey tea with lemon.


Our secret ingredient is hiding under the name "Summer in the Bottle". We used it to soak the biscuits for the trifle and to sweeten our iced tea. And it worked wonders!



CLASSIC CUCUMBER AND MINT tea sandwiches in 10 steps:

  Now, how good are your observation skills?


Can you guess these three mystery items on our selection for a refreshing summer tea party?



Photos © Mira Vernay and Pixabay