Les enfants du TeaTime Fun partent en voyage!


Travelling by bus with my little learners to bring their discovery of a whole new world - the world of English - to the next level. Joy, expectations and great excitement are in the air on this journey, the first ever for some of them! 


Needless to say that this classic nursery song by Super Simple Songs is just the ticket (pun not intended :)) to make this experience even more memorable. 💙

Cette série d'ateliers pour les 3-6 ans est une parfaite occasion non seulement d'apprendre le lexique de la famille et des transports, mais aussi de mettre en pratique le savoir-vivre utile - prendre le bus, vivre en harmonie avec les autres usagers des transports en commun et s'occuper de sa petite famille tout en respectant l'égalité femmes-hommes. Sans oublier toutes ces belles preuves de coopération, responsabilité et bonne communication avant et pendant le voyage à bord de ce bus magique - un 20/20 bien mérité pour tous!  😊

Learning soft or life skills is an essential part of growing up. This term is used to describe a set of skills one needs to handle daily life situations effectively. Many kinds of life skills can be naturally promoted by integrating them into children's play.

When introducing children to a new language and to a whole new world it represents, we can't satisfy their curiosity without making the language happen in context through direct experience. In this way we can add a new dimension to the learning and teaching English not only academically but also as an enriching human experience - those little kids have so much to teach us as well! I truly believe that the best thing you spend on your children is time and that time spent learning a language in a meaningful way is never wasted on kids. 

Photos © Mira Vernay