Young Learners · 13/05/2019
When learning English is just a walk in the park. A four-step lesson plan based on four principles of teaching English to kids.
Refresh Your English · 28/02/2019
A mini-guide to learning and boosting your vocabulary.

The iconic dessert explained. So English and so deliciously versatile!
Young Learners · 06/10/2018
Taking the class outside - three fun ideas of outdoor activities with young learners of English.

Young Learners · 03/09/2018
Travelling by the magic bus with my preschoolers to bring their discovery of the world of English to the next level and make the learning happen.
Refreshing ideas with a personal touch for a zen summer tea party.

Young Learners · 20/06/2018
Ateliers d'anglais ludique "TeaTime Fun'. Retour en images sur nos activités en deuxième partie de la saison 2016-2017 et la méthode TPR.
Languages and You · 08/05/2018
The vast majority of people on our Planet are bilingual or multilingual. We have yet to discover all the benefits of being bilingual.

Young Learners · 10/04/2018
Bringing the world into the classroom and our learners' English into the world through sensory spring hunts.
Refresh Your English · 07/03/2018
Test and improve your spelling in English, learn about the differences between British English and American Englsih spelling.

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